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Career and Professional Development to Support and Enhance the Engaged Liberal Arts


GW’s investment in the career and professional development of CCAS students and alumni is demonstrated by the extensive career services and professional networks that exemplify the “#only at GW” experience. Our distinctive career culture embedded in the Engaged Liberal Arts empowers students and alumni to translate their world-class academic and co-curricular experiences at GW into a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship.

The Center for Career Services, the university-wide hub of career services, offers a wide range of individualized and customized career and professional development services to maximize the engaged liberal arts experience. Our services include a robust career coaching program, convenient online resources and a wealth of diverse events and workshops to enhance career learning and connect students with top-tier employers who are seeking liberal arts majors for internship and full-time positions.



Undergraduate Career Services

Graduate Career Services


Alexis Lete, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Minor in Journalism

Alexis Lete

Class of 2018
Major: Communication

"I attended nearly every networking and informational event that was posted in [Handshake]. If I would give advice to anyone at GW, it would be to use these resources as much as possible. I learned about everything from my personal strengths to different ways to go about getting an internship."


12,000 internships, part-time and full-time positions available in GWork


80% of employers at career and internship fairs are looking for CCAS majors


5,000+ GW students working on campus or at 40 off-campus sites


85 CCAS students received knowledge in action career internship fund awards (2013-16)



Where a CCAS Degree Can Take You

Alumna Caroline Ayes, BA '13 with fellow Peace Corps volunteers

Bringing Compassion, Pragmatism to Morocco

Caroline Ayes, CCAS BA '13, goes the extra mile in a distant land. As an English teacher in the Moroccan village of Gifafat, the entire community knows her for her dedication and service.

Melissa Moriarty, CCAS BA '07, painting pottery at her company, Azulina

Made with Mucho Amor

CCAS alumna Melissa Moriarty, BA '07, shares the journey she took to create her company, Azulina, which makes hand-painted ceramic tableware and servingware, linens and prints in Medellín, Columbia.